Jayshree Shipping commercial management services in all sectors for a diverse clientele. And when combined with our technical management offers an attractive package, especially to non technical financial investors and institutions.

Our commercial departments undertake:
Fixture And Post Fixture (Including Negotiation Of Charter Parties)
Voyage Estimates
Lay Time And Hire Statements
Collection Of Freight
Resolution Of Charter Party Disputes
Profit And Loss Accounts
Appointment Of Agents And Provision Of Bunkers

We can tailor a full commercial management package and competitively place tonnage in liner trades, spot, period or term business to suit the client's commercial profile and ongoing requirements.

Accounting Services
The Department is internally subdivided for the more efficient and effective control and provides maximum specialization for the services rendered. In order to provide for the most accurate recording of costs: the accounting and reporting systems are made available to the relevant other Departments of the Company. Regular meetings are held with the other Departments in order to discuss any outstanding and controversial matters in respect of the latest internal accounting reports.

The Company provides each individual owner with periodical reports as to the financial status of his vessel {s) as per the agreed terms of the Ship management Contract. To this end, the Company's accounting programmed is designed to provide for an extremely flexible approach, so as to accommodate all the various and specific requirements of our clients, be they for compatibility with the clients own financial reporting system, for tax purposes or to comply with the flag state requirements.

Latest computer technology has been extensively used. The software was developed by using the Company's considerable experience in financial reporting requirements, both for its own purposes and also for the many International Clients. The programmed is constantly reviewed to meet changing needs of the Company and its clients. The preparation of operating budgets is made in cooperation with each one of the Departments of the Company. The final presentation agreed between the heads of the respective departments and is based upon past inflation and other relevant fact.

JAYSHREE SHIPPING international network allows us to arrange agency representation for shipowners in virtually any port around the world.

JAYSHREE SHIPPING Management offices can arrange insurance at very competitive rates through our long-standing connections with the major marine underwriters and P and I Clubs.

Specialist chartering teams provide Jay Shree Shipping clients with a wide range of commercial contacts and chartering opportunities in strategic trades worldwide.

JAYSHREE SHIPPING offers high quality brokering services from world wide broker offices, which are also represented in all other group offices. Our top quality specialists can provide Period, Spot and COA for both wet and dry trades.

Sale and purchase
International contacts and specialist knowledge enable Jayshree Shipping to offer sound advice and guidance for prospective buyers and sellers. This includes:
Identifying suitable vessels
Pre-purchase inspection
Change of flag and registration
Identifying prospective buyers
Developing MOA's
Delivering vessels for sale or scrap
JAYSHREE SHIPPING can also provide ship investment analysis and sensitivity studies.

Fee-based technical support
JAYSHREE SHIPPING can give fee-based expert technical or accounting support to clients, including establishing offices where required on a long-term or short-term basis. These services are also supplied as separate contracts, independent of our ship management services.

Repair and maintenance
Our wide network of expert staff and contacts with selected local engineering companies guarantees competitive high quality standards on repair works large and small.

Dry Dockings and repair
All JAYSHREE SHIPPING have contracts with major dockyards in their regions to reduce costs of major repairs and provide expert supervision of all work.
The result is a respected record of budget compliance and on-time completion. As well as routine dockings, JAY SHREE SHIPPING has expertise in lay-up and reactivation, conversions and major refits.

Compliance audits
JAYSHREE SHIPPING carries out audit planning, preparation and compliance for ISM and ISPS and all other statutory compliance requirements.

Flag State and Regional Compliance
JAYSHREE SHIPPING provide continual monitoring and auditing of all managed vessels to ensure that their documentation complies with all flag state and regional regulations.

Stores and supply
Acquisition and supply of stores by JAY SHREE SHIPPING-managed ships is done through the world wide ship chandler with best prices.

Voyage planning
JAYSHREE SHIPPING specialists can provide strategic voyage planning for maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety.

Close contact with all bunkering providers in strategic global locations means JAYSHREE SHIPPING clients receive first-class bunkering services at the most competitive prices.